Our vision is to engage with the youth of today to bring a generational change in the way we consume and dispose plastic, in a more responsible and sustainable manner.

Join our movement by taking the Blue Pledge

Promising to do your bit to reduce your plastic debt to earth

Solutions to all Ocean’s Problems



the ship

ERVIS is an intelligent ship which captures waste and cleans the ocean. ERVIS is a prototype designed by Haaziq Kazi a 12-year-old kid based out of Pune studying in Indus International School. He is very passionate about cleaning our oceans.

Who am I?

Haaziq Kaazi

I am a 12-year-old kid based out of Pune, India, studying in Indus International School who loves to study, play soccer and piano and I am super passionate about cleaning our oceans.

Haaziq kazi

Students have engaged with us through our Blue Workshops, that focuses on inspiring and encouraging the youth to adopt a sustainable and a plastic-free approach towards life.


Roarrr app


Ervis Foundation presents to you the RoaRRR App.

The App aims to create awareness about the 4 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle. It gives the users to take the Ervis Blue Pledge and provides a platform for you to record your activities related to responsible plastic consumption and disposal.

Download the RoaRRR App today and be a part of our Blue movement to save the earth from the adversities of Plastic Pollution!