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It is a social enterprise that is dedicated to work against the adversities of plastic pollution. Our aim is to not just educate, but to also inspire and engage the youth to bring a positive change. Our goal is to incorporate behavioral change with respect to consumption and disposal of plastic in the society.


To engage with the youth of today to bring a generational change in the way we consume and dispose of plastic in a more responsible and sustainable manner.


To be at the forefront of the movement of bringing awareness and inciting change for responsible plastic consumption and disposal by engaging in educational initiatives with the youth in India.


Drive Awareness

Coordinate and drive awareness and communication among children and youth of today so that they grow up to be more responsible towards plastic usage in tomorrow’s world

Be the Thought Leader

Work with multiple entities, local and global to develop insights and build economic and scientific base which can be referred and measured for research and tracking

Show difference by Innovation

Work internally as well as with partners and crowd to mobilize ‘moonshot’ innovations alongside the more ‘doable’ ones

Help draft Better Policies

Engage with policymakers at local and global level to help establish global plastic protocols which are more adaptable to the current needs


registered and aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – 12 and 14.