Blue Circle Forum


The Blue Circle forum brings together young people and environmental experts on the same ‘virtual’ table to discuss and brainstorm key actions, solutions and policies that can be implemented as a response to tackle the global plastic crisis, using the ‘Harkness’ method of learning.

The Blue Circle


To create an enriching space for the youth to build conversations and brainstorm solutions and policies to tackle plastic pollution, Using the Harkness method of learning, the forum will offer a platform for:

  • Constructive discussions through equal participation.
  • In-depth analysis through open-dialogue.
  • Sharing of valuable insights and feedback with one another.
  • Exploring possibilities through the method of inquiry, rather than just accepting what is being said.
  • Focusing on self-development while channeling actions for the betterment of the environment.
  • Direct interaction and brainstorming sessions with experts from the field of environment conservation.
  • Creating a meaningful web of interactions.
  • Formulating policies, ideating solutions and innovations for ocean conservation.


The First Edition of the Blue Circle hosted from August to November 2020, witnessed nine passionate youth leaders coming together
from India and UAE to brainstorm solution ideas for our oceans.