Blue Circle First Edition

The First Edition of the Blue Circle hosted from August to November 2020, witnessed nine passionate youth leaders coming together from India and UAE to brainstorm solution ideas for our oceans.
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Our Youth Leaders

Aarav Bhansali

Aarav Bhansali

Aarav is 13 years old studying in Fountainhead School, Surat, Gujarat. The one thing that excites him is finding innovative solutions to protect our environment.

Preyasi Desai

Preyasi studies at Fountainhead School, Surat, Gujarat. She yearns to be a change maker and pursue a cleaner and sustainable future for our planet Earth.

Ayushmaan Mishra

Ayushmaan is from Mumbai, studying in Grade 10. He believes that the tiniest of our actions could end up creating a more viable and sustainable future.

Stuti Mishra

20 years old, Stuti is an undergraduate B.Sc student from Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. She is very passionate about solving some of the environmental issues and is working on innovative solutions to tackle the waste crisis.

Prakrti Prakash

Prakrti is currently studying in Springdales School, Dubai. When she grows older she wants to make sure our earth is clean enough for the future generation to have fresh air to breathe and to make sure they have tree’s to see.

Siddh Sanghavi

13 year old Siddh is currently studying in Springdales School, Dubai. He is very passionate about creating awareness about the environment and how we can improve the current state of the world.

Meenakshi Rakhesh

Studying in Springdales School, Dubai, Meenakshi strongly believes that if we all start thinking with similar mentality and determination, a better future can be built.

Ved Sanyal

Ved Sanyal

14-year-old Ved from Indus International School, Pune, has been working to fight climate change in his school. He believes that Climate change is like glass in front of the bus called Earth. All of us should do the duty of removing one piece from the road, and he wishes to do the same!

Pavani Chadhalawada

Pavani Chadhalawada

Pavani is currently studying in Gems Modern Academy, Dubai, UAE. She strongly believes that innovative solutions can help solve the marine and water shortage crisis, and is working on developing her own technology-based solution.

Our Lead Mentor

Dr. Ash Pachauri

Dr. Ash Pachauri has a PhD in decision behavior and master’s degree in international management. Senior Mentor for the POP Movement, Dr. Pachauri’s experience in the fields of public health and management emerges from a range of initiatives including those of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, UNDP, IPPF, and CDC program interventions in the US. Dr. Pachauri has been recognized by the United Nations for his dedication and leadership in their flagship publication “Portraits of Commitment”.

Our Guest Mentors

Dr. Norma Patricia

A renowned biologist, with a PhD in biological oceanography and marine biochemistry specialty, Dr. Norma Patricia Muñoz Sevilla is the head of Climate Change Council for the Presidency of the Mexican Republic. She is also the Honorary Distinguished Mentor for the POP Movement.

Ana Hanhausen

Ana is a passionate youth leader who is the recent recipient of the Youth Medal of Merit by Mexico City’s Congress for her record in fostering climate change awareness. She has taken up the role of POP Ocean Mentor at the POP Movement and works closely with Plastic Oceans, Mexico.

Steph Ann

Steph is the founder of Seas of Change, Australia. She was recently awarded the Northern Beaches Council Young Citizen of the Year award. She is a very passionate youth advocate who is working very closely at the grassroots to solve the ocean pollution crisis

Cristina Gabetti

Cristina Gabetti is a renowned journalist, writer, moderator, speaker, TV show host, coach and sustainability advisor. She has taken up several roles in her life. But through all of it, she continues to successfully educate the world about sustainability, with her own eco-friendly lifestyle setting the perfect example for all of us.

Our Partner

The POP Movement


Session 1: Introduction to the Plastic Crisis

In the very first session of the Blue Circle, the youth leaders came together along with our lead mentor Dr.Ash Pachauri, to learn about one another and about the plastic crisis that is plaguing our oceans today.

Session 2: Introduction to the Plastic Crisis

In the second session of the Blue Circle, we explored some of the key questions that were raised in session one, and ideated the possible different ways in which we can effectively take our dialogues and transform it into action.

Session 3: Role of Policy Making and Implementation I Ft. Dr. Norma Patricia

In the third session of the Blue Circle, we were joined by the Head of Climate Change Council for the Presidency of Mexican Republic and Honorary Distinguished Mentor of the POP Movement, Dr. Norma Patricia. She gave the youth leaders a deep insight into the process behind developing policies for climate change and working towards their effective implementation.

Session 4: Threat of Plastics on our Oceans and the Marine Life

In the fourth session of the Blue Circle, we celebrated International Coastal Clean-up Day by understanding the critical threat that plastic poses on the health of our oceans and marine life. We also shared some of the key initiatives being taken up by our youth leaders for the protection of our oceans.

Session 5: Youth Mentoring Youth I Ft.Ana Hanhausen and Steph Ann

In the fifth session of the Blue Circle our Youth Leaders got the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm solution-models with two very inspiring Youth Advocates – Ana Hanhausen and Steph Ann, along with support from our lead mentor, Dr. Ash Pachauri.


The Solver’s Arena was the finale session of the first edition of the Blue Circle which witnessed the culmination of everything that was discussed, ideated, and brainstormed during the course of the forum. Our incredible youth leaders presented their plan of action for solving the plastic pollution crisis in front of an esteemed panel of evaluators which included our lead mentor Dr.Ash Pachauri, and our guest mentors Ana Hanhausen, Steph Ann and Cristina Gabetti.


Project Presentations

The Blue Circle youth leaders had the prestigious opportunity to present their projects at the 2020 POP Festival.

Project Presentations I

Project Presentations II

Blue Circle Workshop

The Blue Circle Group had the unforgettable opportunity of hosting a Blue Circle workshop at the 2020 POP Festival. The youth leaders had the opportunity to interact and engage with participants from across the globe, to brainstorm solutions for tackling the plastic crisis.



  • STUTI MISHRA, SAVE OUR WORLD PROJECT: Winner of the Nature Conservation Award.