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“Restore Our Earth” was chosen as the theme for the 51st Earth Day, which is based on the concept that rejects the idea that our only options to save the planet are to mitigate or adapt to the impacts of climate change and other environmental threats. Scientists, we nonprofits, business, governments and everyday citizens worldwide now are looking at natural system processes and emerging green technologies to restore the world’s ecosystems and forests, conserve and rebuild soils, improve farming practices, restore wildlife populations and rid the world’s oceans of plastics.

This Earth Day (2021), with the Futuresavers Initiative, Ervis Foundation, the POP Movement and Earth Day Africa came together to organize a two-day webinar on April 21st, 2021 and April 22nd, 2021.

Through the webinar we brought together environmental experts and youth leaders, educators and climate advocates on the same virtual platform, to engage in meaningful dialogue and sessions on the importance of climate education in building a sustainable future for our planet. The sessions focused on an array of topics such as plastic pollution, ocean conservation, climate literacy, and reforestation.


Through the Waves of Change Camp, The POP Movement and Ervis Foundation aim to empower the youth to create successful and impactful solutions to the many issues currently faced by the ocean due to  environmental degradation. The workshop will take place from April to November of 2021 and it will be composed of three phases: ocean literacy workshops, capacity building workshops, and project execution.

Through the Ocean Literacy Workshops (Phase 1), we aim to increase knowledge about some of the most pressing issues in the ocean through a monthly one-hour workshop composed of a 30-minute presentation by an expert in the issue, followed by a 30-minute dialogue between the expert and the youth participants.

The Capacity Building Workshops (Phase 2) will focus on different skills that will allow the participants to better prepare their solutions and projects. The 2-hour interactive workshops will focus on different practical skills that participants may apply for phase 3. 

The Project Execution phase (Phase 3) will focus on accompanying participants and they develop and execute their projects. This phase will be led by youth leaders and entrepreneurs with projects on their own, who can teach and empower the participants by their example.


Session 1 – Marine Threats to Our Ocean I ft. Dr. Christine Figgener

Session 2 – The Blue Economy and Ocean Conservation Movement I ft. Marisa Lopez and Charlotte Vick


We were delighted and honored to partner with the POP Movement for the POP Festival 2021. The International Conference and POP Festival for Youth-Led Climate Action, 2021 took place from JUNE 5-10, 2021. In addition to the global festival event, this year, specific days of the festival were dedicated to “Celebrating Youth and Amplifying Regional Voices” from the United States; Mexico and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC); Africa and the Middle East; and Others through sub-festival events.


Ervis Blue Circle Workshop at the POP Festival

Ocean Project Presentations

Leadership by Inspiration with Dr. R. Seetharaman

Sustainable Cities in the Middle East




Blue Warriors Club

Heer Desai, Preyasi Desai, Aarav Bhansali, Ved Sanyal, Haaziq Kazi

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Ved Sanyal, Abiya Syed, Bhavye Mathur, Mihir Raddi, Rayna Arora