Take the Blue Pledge

Take the Blue Pledge

– by Ami Choudha

Did you know?

There’s enough plastic on the ocean’s surface to go to the moon and come back twice!

That really stuck to me, and made me question each decision I made throughout my day, how I was using and abusing plastic.

So, I decided to take charge of my thoughts, starting from the very beginning, where I crossed paths with this fact from-  The Ervis Foundation, and share a few things with all of you

What is it?

A Section 8 registered non-profit trust, focused on educating the youth and researching on plastic waste crisis, and coming up with the possible solutions and ways to incubate and highlight innovative ideas to make a real difference.

The problem? 

Impact on marine life: Ocean pollution is a massive challenge, of enormous magnitude 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating.

Impact on life: “What one should realise about marine animals dying of plastic is not number of deaths, but the process of dying”

Their solution to this problem?

ERVIS- an intelligent ship which captures waste and cleans the ocean, a prototype designed by Haaziq Kazi a 12-year-old kid based out of Pune studying in Indus International School. It runs through; centripetal force, multi-stage cleaner, compactor

How can you make an impact? – It’s easier than you think!

1) Take the blue pledge- On the website, Home/ Hub/ The Blue Pledge


2) Join The Blue Workshop- A course that lasts you 1-2 days, for ages 6-18 years old and is spread internationally.

During their course, the objectives entail;

-Understanding the problem

-Engage the students

-Discuss solutions

-Show the future

#BECOMETHECHANGEMAKERS- How will they help you?

>Learn to fly

>Lead the movement

>Expert Guidance

>Get scholarships

>Archive Access


Take the blue pledge, make the world a liveable place

Keep it partially candid x


About the Author:

Ami Choudha 

Hi I’m Ami, I’ve recently joined the Ervis team. I am currently a student at Repton School, Dubai. My hobbies include expressing my thoughts and concerns through writing and also reading a lot of books, as well as, helping create awareness to save our planet.

Link to the original article 


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