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ERVIS is an intelligent ship which has been designed by 15-year-old, Haaziq Kazi, to capture waste and clean the oceans. The ship is essentially a large boat with various compartments and saucers surrounding the ships.

The working of waste collection is based on some basic physics concepts like:

Centripetal Force

Centripetal Force

Multi Stage Cleaner

A multi stage cleaner which uses size-based separation to separate different size of waste


A compactor to compact the trash

The saucers, float on the surface moving circularly to pull the waste towards its center. These saucers will have a central outlet which will swallow the waste and is connected via a tube to various chambers in the ship. Ok to help you visualize this, imagine a gigantic vacuum cleaner with many cleaning tubes attached to many dust bags.

Once the waste enters the tube, we have various stages which will then segregate it. The first sensor will be an infrared sensor which alerts ERVIS for marine life. We could use thermal activity to detect presence of life and put it back in the ocean.

The waste then goes to the first level – an oil filter, which collects waste oil and sends it to the oil chamber. We would like to treat this waste oil, either decompose it or store it for safe disposal. The second, third, fourth & fifth chambers are for large, medium, small & micro waste respectively.

Once the waste enters these chambers, we follow these steps:

  • First, we take a sample of the waste and analyze it
  • Then we then send it to a segregator to separate plastic from non-plastic items. The plastic is compacted and stored in cubes.
  • The other waste is taken and degraded with bacteria or stored for separate disposal.
The water which comes out finally will be cleaner and be pumped back into the ocean.
Haaziq kazi

About Haaziq

Haaziq Kazi (Born 8 April 2006) is an Indian student in Grade VII from Indus International School Pune. Haaziq is a TED ED and Tedx speaker and inventor of ERVIS. He is super passionate about ocean and the plastic pollution problem. Haaziq has designed prototype of a ship called ERVIS to clean ocean of plastic waste. He has spoken on multiple forums including TED ED New York, TedxGateway Mumbai, TedxJGEC, VJTI college, TedxICEM and Economic Times Global Business Summit to raise awareness of the danger of plastic pollution.

He is highlighting the magnitude of the plastic waste problem, how it is affecting life in general including humans and his solution of ERVIS which he envisages will help clean the oceans of plastic pollution. Haaziq is also a vocal proponent of circular economy and is currently engaged in creating viable solutions on alleviating inefficiencies in current consumption of plastic at a macro level and adhering to the circular economy framework. Haaziq is also working towards creating his awareness campaign and NGO wherein he wants to foster the youth of today to be the proponents of change for a sustainable world.