Ervis Young Champion Program

We believe that the Ervis Workshop is only an introduction to the children, in order to make them aware about the problem and inspire them to become changemakers. To ensure that they become changemakers for life, we are introducing the Ervis Young Champion Program.

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Two Days

6 - 18 years



Learn to Fly

The ambassador training will be backed by certificate and accreditation.

Expert Guidance

Get access to experts through ERVIS foundation which will have a backing of a host of advisors, each an expert in their domain.

Archive Access

Lifetime access to our expert libraries which are constantly updated with the latest news and information about plastic pollution.

Lead the Movement

Get an opportunity to spread the word through our bootcamp, talks and online initiatives. Each contribution duly rewarded with credits that can be used at host of places.

Get Scholarship

Get a chance to win a scholarship to conservation programs with our global partners, to be on ground for exploration and learning.

Participate in Events

Get the opportunity to be a part of annual conferences, events and summits, to get an exposure to the global movement against plastic pollution.

Our Young Champions

Ambassador Dhruv Arun

Dhruv Arun

My name is Dhruv Arun, I am a 16 year-old high school student based in Dubai, UAE. I have a passion for science and it’s vast applications, I aspire to get into the field of sustainable energy development and play my role in ensuring a sustainable future.

Ambassador Neal Rodrigues

Neal Rodrigues

I am a 16-year-old based in Dubai, UAE, currently studying in GEMS Wellington International School. I am an avid sports fan but also enjoy film making and playing the guitar. Another thing I am very passionate about is helping clean our planet, which I believe needs to be done immediately in order to save future generations.

Ami Choudha

Hi I’m Ami, I’ve recently joined the Ervis team. I am currently a student at Repton School, Dubai. My hobbies include expressing my thoughts and concerns through writing and also reading a lot of books, as well as, helping create awareness to save our planet.

Ojas Mali

I’m a 22-year-old Environmental engineer from KIT’s college of engineering Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Since my sophomore days in college, I had a strong spark as well as strong flamboyance towards this vivid & fascinating concept of Microplastics which eventually got developed as a research topic over the years. Currently, I’m working on Identification and removal of water sources from Kolhapur region. My hobbies include portraying the story through photographs, reading books, traveling as well as creating awareness about plastic pollution amongst society.

Elliott Shields

Hi, my name is Elliott Shields. I am an eight year-old living on an organic produce farm in North Carolina, USA. Last year, my sister and I had a lemonade stand at the farmer’s market. We decided to use compostable cups for our stand, even though we knew that would mean we wouldn’t make as much money. We made that decision when we looked up how long it takes for plastic to decompose (about 1,000 years!) vs. how long it takes for compostable plastic to decompose. I attend Willow Oak Montessori Charter school. My hobbies are video games, drawing and writing comics, and playing on our farm and in our woods.

Heer Desai

Hi , I am Heer Desai , studying Fountainhead school Surat , Gujarat. I want to bring a real change and in the environment and also in people’s mindset regarding the issue of plastic pollution. I have organized some sessions within my school and now I plan to do something big. During the lockdown period me and my friend are planning to educate people through online workshops and social media awareness campaigns.

Preyasi Desai

Hi, I am Preyasi Desai, a student of Fountainhead School, Surat, India. Reading, doodling and arts and crafts are my hobbies. Using these hobbies and my skills, I yearn to be a change maker and pursue a cleaner and sustainable future for our planet Earth.

Siddh Sanghavi

Hi my name is Siddh Sanghavi! I’m 13 years old currently studying in Springdales School, Dubai. I am very passionate about creating awareness about the environment and how we can improve the current state of the world. I’m also a huge sports fan and I love playing and composing music as well. other then that my hobbies include solving cubes, drawing, and gaming.

Stuti Mishra

Hello, I am Stuti Mishra! I’m 20 years old, an undergraduate B.Sc student from Mumbai, Maharashtra in India. I’m very passionate about solving some of the environmental issues! This year I got an opportunity to present my project titled “Save Our World” during the “Second International Conference and POP Festival for Youth-Led Climate Action” and my project won the “Nature Conservation Award.”. I have been a part of the Ervis Foundation in India and I am grateful to it for inspiring me to be the change I want to see in the world.

Meenakshi Rakhesh

I am Meenakshi Rakhesh, studying in grade 6 in Springdales School, Dubai UAE, . I am so much concerned about the way our environment is getting polluted due to the uncontrolled use of plastics in daily life. I was honoured  to achieve the National Climate Champion Award 2018  conducted by Green mentors and received an award in the Green School Conference in NYC.  My school has also selected me as an eco champion. I strongly believe if we all start thinking with similar mentality and determination, better future can be built .

Prakrti Prakash

My name is Prakrti Prakash. I am a 14-years- old, studying in Springdales School in Dubai. My hobbies are writing, singing, dancing and to help our loving earth. When I grow older I want to make sure our earth is clean enough for the future generation to have fresh air to breathe and to make sure they have tree’s to see. I recently got the wonderful opportunity to present my research project on “The Effects on Biomedical and Hazardous Waste on our Environment,” at the Second International Conference POP Festival for Youth-Led Climate Action. The Ervis foundation has really educated me and I am always ready to learn more.

Aarav Bhansali

Aarav Bhansali

I am Aarav Bhansali, a 13 year old living in Surat, Gujarat India.  The one thing that excites me is saving the environment and the innovative ideas that keep me motivated. I love our mother earth and would love to do any thing to save her. I am very passionate about arts, and all its different forms. What I am extremely inclined towards is origami. I also love to play online games. I would love to spread the word about the different causes through my art.



Ayushmaan Mishra

My name is Ayushmaan Mishra and I’m from Mumbai. I’m currently studying in grade 10th. I have a strong interest in Physics & Rocket Science for which I’ve designed several rocket engines. I love to read books on sustainable development, energy conservation & future of living. I found out that most people think that it is easier for them to gobble up the doomsday visions and accept their fate rather than make some effort to change. But I certainly think that it isn’t actually true as the tiniest of our actions could end up creating a more viable and sustainable future. I just want the young generation to be able to think about the future and start working towards make it better!

Ved Sanyal

My name’s Ved, and I’m 14. I’ve been working to fight climate change in my own school. Climate change is like glass in front of the bus called earth. I believe all of us should do the duty of removing one piece from the road, and I wish to do the same! Over the past one and half years I have worked with a team to reduce my school’s carbon footprint by 60% and I’m happy to say, we’re getting there! The past few months have been extra eventful because of the Blue Circle. The sessions have enabled me to develop some great connections that will help me throughout my fight against climate change.