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We aim to establish ourselves as champions and create more Heroes, just like Haaziq in this world!



Coordinate and drive awareness and communication among children and youth of today so that they grow up to be more responsible towards plastic usage in tomorrow’s world


Work with multiple entities, local and global to develop insights and build economic and scientific base which can be referred and measured for research and tracking


Work internally as well as with partners and crowd to mobilize ‘moonshot’ innovations alongside the more ‘doable’ ones


Engage with policymakers at local and global level to help establish global plastic protocols which are more adaptable to the current needs

Our Programs and Services


The Blue Workshop

Ervis’ Blue Workshop focuses on inculcating awareness and engaging the youth in activities that encourage a sustainable and plastic free approach to life.

Ervis Young Champion Program

The Ervis Young Champion Program has been designed to create young, resilient ambassadors who can be the torchbearers of the plastic-free movement in their communities, making our vision to building a plastic-free future for the Earth a reality


For What It’s Earth l Talk Series

For what it’s Earth… is a youth-led talk series by Ervis Foundation that aims to inspire the much-needed conversations about the future of our environment. We aim to create a platform for having constructive conversations and to brainstorm and share solutions to some key problems that threats our environment today. The series hosts an array of youth and other individuals who are actively working in the forefront, tackling the major adversities that is harming our environment.

Blue Circle Forum

The Blue Circle forum brings together young people and environmental experts on the same ‘virtual’ table to discuss and brainstorm key actions, solutions and policies that can be implemented as a response to tackle the global plastic crisis, using the ‘Harkness’ method of learning.

The Blue Circle
The Blue Warrior Club

Blue Warriors Club

The Blue Warriors club is an initiative by Ervis Foundation’s Blue Circle Group. The aim of the program is for the youth leaders to organize a club in their schools with a focus to engage and inspire their fellow school-mates and together organize, lead and implement awareness and action programs within their schools and communities. The Club will be led and driven by the youth and will primarily be organized virtually.