The Blue Workshop

Ervis’ Blue Workshop focuses on inculcating awareness and engaging the youth in activities that encourage a sustainable and plastic free approach to life.

Blue Workshop Reports

One - Two Days

6 - 18 years



  • Understanding the Problem: Why is plastic pollution such a big issue and what’s the magnitude?
  • Engage the Students: Educational and hands-on activities to create an all-round awareness
  • Discuss the Solutions: What are the ideas, strategies and solutions that can solve the problem?
  • Show the Future: Instil a behavioural change that encourages a sustainable and a plastic-free approach to life

02 Takeaway

  • Become ambassadors through the Ervis Young Champion Program
  • Win plastic-free rewards for your innovative ideas
  • Participate in annual conferences and events
  • Make your innovative ideas a reality through Ervis’ Incubation Lab
  • Be a part of Ervis’ social media campaigns and awareness programs
  • Receive an educational toolkit to guide you to living a plastic-free life

Register your School for the Blue Workshop

If you want us to bring the Blue Workshops to your school, follow the link below to sign-up.


Students have engaged with us through our Blue Workshops, that focuses on inspiring and encouraging the youth to adopt a sustainable and a plastic-free approach towards life.

Join our movement by taking the Blue Pledge

Promising to do your bit to reduce your plastic debt to earth